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ToldUntold #5 The Reference Man

Mr. P was offered a promotion in the factory, to become a foreman. He didn’t want to, but eventually circumstances led him to accept. The new job involved writing ‘posudky’, reports on his colleagues in communist style, about their behaviour and way of living. Still today, he rather not talk about this and finds it a strange and difficult subject. He was willing to talk to Brit Jensen anonymously and in this beautiful animation from Anne van Wieren you hear him telling his story.

Audio and interview: Brit Jensen
Animations: Anne Van Wieren
Concept: Emmie Kollau
Audio Edit: Emmie Kollau
Storyline: Anne Van Wieren, Emmie Kollau
Production: Mira Zeehandelaar
Sounddesign: Anne van Wieren, Studio de Keuken
Music: Anne van Wieren, Bram Kniest
Translation: Lisa Kostkova