To Bucharest

From June 8th until the 13th, our I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum will travel to Bucharest. We will be accompanied by playwright and performance artist Ioana Tudor, who will give a special five-day performance in which she will recreate her father’s 1990 ‘Strike of Silence’.

In June of 1990, there were mass demonstrations against the Illiescu-government that succeeded the Ceauscescu-regime after the 1989 revolution. The uprising was met with a brutal crackdown by mine-workers who were recruited for the occasion, during the so-called ‘Mineriad’. Ioana’s father decided to respond with a strike of silence. He was arrested and his family fled the country. Earlier, we made this short documentary on the subject.

In April, we visited Bucharest for a study-trip and spoke to many Romanians who took part in the large anti corruption demonstrations of January and February. They still feel that the 1989 revolution isn’t finished. A new big story on that will be online soon.

Join us in Bucharest! Find all the information here.

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