Boiling Frog Game on tour

At the Biennale Democrazia in Turin the Boiling Frog Game was played with great enthusiasm by Italian secondary school students. Now the game is travelling on to various libraries in the east of the Netherlands during the Gelderse Vrijheidsdagen.

Freedom is not something you can take for granted, it’s work in progress. Do we even realise when our freedom is being limited? And are we then willing to act? These questions are being addressed in the Boiling Frog Game, which is part of the How to Survive a Democracy pop-up museum.

Freedom is an abstract concept – and abstract things are hard to talk about. With the Boiling Frog Game we make things more tangible. We compare ourselves with a frog: when you put it in a pan full of boiling water, it’ll immediately jump out. But when you warm it up together with the water, it’ll stay until it’s cooked alive. In the game we confront players with scenarios and ask them: can you still handle this, or is it getting too hot? Then you have to act!

In Turin the Boiling Frog Game and the poster workshop were part of the Biennale Democrazia. During the Gelderse Vrijheidsdagen the Boiling Frog installation will travel to libraries:

11 april – 16 april
Bibliotheek Noord-Veluwe

17 april – 1 mei
Bibliotheek Wageningen

2 mei – 28 mei
Bibliotheek West Achterhoek

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