Successful opening of I’m So Angry Pop-up Museum

The opening weekend of the I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum was huge success. Sixty years after the Hungarian Revolution we opened up our new exhibition about protest in the streets of Budapest in cooperation with the fantastic people (Bence Molnar!) of ruin bar and cultural centre Szimpla and our lovely stagiair / top ice hockey player Boldizsár. There were stories, there were bands, there were discussions where they belong (on the streets!), there were workshops banner painting, hundreds of visitors and loads of people who made their own sign and showed it in the videobooth and thus to the world! And you know what? People only want the best for others and the world. Didn’t we already know? Maybe, but in somber days, we tend to forget. See here all the protest signs and read the report.

In February 2017 the I’m So Angry Museum will pop up in Estonia. We are very excited and started preparations this week.


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