Out of the lockdown: we pop up in museum De Fundatie

Between all lockdowns, the pop-up museum could still be on display. In the Dutch museum De Fundatie, as part of the exposition ‘Where do you stand in the world??’ 

Twentynine alumni and teachers from the University of the Arts Utrecht take a stand. Hundred years after John Heartfield’s first photomontage, they show how art and activism now relate to each other. From their (own) point of view, these makers respond to burning current themes, such as climate, gender, racism and identity. Their work provokes discussion, because the question is: where are you in the world?

One of the works on display is our How to Survive a Democracy Pop-up Museum, about the state of democracy today and life in a European dictatorship a few generations ago. Tijl Akkermans, one of the makers of How to Survive studied at the University of Arts Utrecht and was selected to show his work.

As soon as possible, Museum de Fundatie will present an extensive overview of the oeuvre of John Heartfield (1891-1968). This German Dadaist, photo mechanic and political artist used his art as a weapon and thus reached an audience of millions. Photography plus Dynamiet is the largest overview of the work of this ‘influencer avant la lettre’ that has ever been shown in the Netherlands.

Nearly a century later, Heartfield’s work has lost none of its explosive power. The exhibition is therefore not only an introduction to the founder of photomontage, but also an invitation to the latest generation of artists to be inspired by his oeuvre.

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