Remember the Rebel in Poland


Next stop for the rebel: Poland

After a tour through the Netherlands, the pop-up museum Remember the Rebel travels to Poland. Partner organization Krzyżowa Foundation holds rebel-themed workshops and events for more than 300 high school students throughout the spring.

From April 2 to 30, the pop-up exhibition will be exhibited at the Ossolineum, public library and cultural center of Wroclaw.

More than ten classes of secondary school students aged 15 till 18 years old are participating in the Rebel workshop series. In the first workshops, students are introduced to the theme. “When are you a rebel? What qualities would you need, and what is the difference with a troublemaker?", explains Tomasz Skonieczny from Krzyżowa the setup. “The aim is mainly to have conversations about this with each other.”

During the workshops, the students then delve into the lives of three rebels from the exhibition. “Poland has a monoculture, the vast majority are white. Jerry Afriyie's perspective and activism is therefore very interesting”, says Skonieczny. The Polish 'gnome activist' Waldemar Fydrych, who fought against communism, is also discussed. “Regarding him we zoom in on the question: should a rebel have a clearly defined goal?” Finally, the students have look at Franca Viola’s life. “Her story shows that a rebel can also focus on your themes from your personal life.”

In April, Krzyżowa will organize a publicly accessible debate on the occasion of the exhibition, where witnesses will be invited to talk about the communist period. The foundation is also working on a podcast and a training program for teachers to make use of the Remember the Rebel material themselves.

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