Remember the Rebel in Eindhoven

pop up exposition and opening


2 to 30 November 2023, Parktheater, Eindhoven (NL)
When is it time to rebel? And who will get up first? Come to Remember the Rebel!

On November 9, the festive opening of the pop-up exhibition Remember the Rebel will take place in Parktheater Eindhoven. The installation portrays illustrious rebels of the present and recent past from all over Europe.

Every protest movement starts with that lone individual who sees through the status quo. While everyone thinks it is 'very normal', the rebel sees that things can be better. In times of polarization, conspiracies and fake news, the importance of critical and autonomous thinking is even greater.

The rebels have been depicted by illustrator Mart Veldhuis in life-size portraits in which the visitor is always presented with two situations: the status quo that the rebel is fighting against, and the situation desired by the rebel. If you look through different glasses, reality changes before your eyes.

Part of the installation is the game Rebel with a Cause, an Arcade Game in which visitors must defeat the Dominant Dictator as a rebel. The game, based on the classic WonderBoy, lets you experience which forces can threaten democracy and provides tools for critical thinking.

During the festive opening we will talk to one of the rebels from the exhibition, Jerry Afriyie, about his fight against Zwarte Piet. How did he come to realize what almost no one did for years? Artist Mart Veldhuis talks about the power of symbolism in rebellion. Mart Veldhuis is known for his work 'Eigen Schuld', in which he draws attention to the student debt of the 'unlucky generation'.

More acts to follow.


Time: November 9, 8:00 PM

Location: Kameleonzaal, Parktheater Eindhoven

Entrance: 5 euros (incl. consumption)

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Remember the Rebel exhibits from November 2 to November 30 during the Month of Democracy in the Theatercafe in the Parktheater (free admission).


About Remember the Rebel
Remember the Rebel is a pop-up exhibition by Iron Curtain Project and travels throughout Europe. More information and events:

Remember the Rebel was initiated by Autres Directions Foundation (NL) in collaboration with IoDeposito (IT), Foundation Krzyzowa (PL) and Polylogos (RO). Co-financed by the European Commission.

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