New plans for 2018

At the moment the Iron Curtain Project team is working on new plans for 2018. Our activities will center around the theme of the ‘spirit of 1968’ and new ideas for democracy in 2018.

1968 was an iconic year. A massive wave of protest overflew the world. People demanded liberty and more democracy. Even in authoritarian ruled countries this spirit of ‘68 touched people so much that it a.o. led to the Prague Spring and extensive protests in Poland. Fifty years later people everywhere seem disillusioned about what democracy brought them. ‘Strong leaders’ gained popularity and civil liberties are under threat not only in Turkey, Poland and Hungary, but also in the United States.

With a new pop-up museum we will investigate this spirit of ’68 and ways to improve democracy now. Together with partners in Poland and Czech Republic we will develop a program around these topics. First stop will be Warsaw in January 2018 where we will cooperate with young journalists.

(Photo: By The Central Intelligence Agency – Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia)

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