Our pop-up museum on show in the Occupation Museum of Tallinn

In February 2017 the I’m So Angry Pop-up museum will land in Tallinn, Estonia. Estonians are famous for never expressing their anger in public. Protest, like joining a big demonstration, is seen as an exotic thing people in other countries do. But that doesn’t mean Estonians don’t want things to change. So it’s going to be interesting! We are glad to announce that our I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum will be on view from February 24th till the end of March of 2017 in the Occupation Museum of Tallinn. We will cooperate with writers and poets, students from the Tallinn Art Academy and the very cool Nüürileht Magazine

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Research trip to Estonia

Between the 7th and 12th of December we will be visiting Estonia to find among others the perfect spot to land our I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum in February 2017. We will be visiting museums, art spaces and cultural hotspots in Tallinn and Tartu. For the event in February we will cooperate with Estonian writers and graphic design students. Looking forward!

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New multimedia longread The Return of Barbed Wire

In the summer of 2015 Hungary built a new and shiny fence along the border with Serbia and Croatia to keep refugees out. In 1989 the same country was the first to break open the Iron Curtain, the fence to keep people in. How could that be? We went to see the new fence and the old border for ourselves and made the multimedia longread The Return of Barbed Wire, a tale in video and text of two men at the border, who suddenly find themselves in the centre of historical attention. Read and watch here.

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Successful opening of I’m So Angry Pop-up Museum

The opening weekend of the I’m So Angry (I Made a Sign) Pop-up Museum was huge success. Sixty years after the Hungarian Revolution we opened up our new exhibition about protest in the streets of Budapest in cooperation with the fantastic people (Bence Molnar!) of ruin bar and cultural centre Szimpla and our lovely stagiair / top ice hockey player Boldizsár. There were stories, there were bands, there were discussions where they belong (on the streets!), there were workshops banner painting, hundreds of visitors and loads of people who made their own sign and showed it in the videobooth and thus to the world! And you know what? People only want the best for others and the world. Didn’t we already know? Maybe, but in somber days, we tend to forget. See here all the protest signs and read the report.

In February 2017 the I’m So Angry Museum will pop up in Estonia. We are very excited and started preparations this week.


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Read My World

The international literature festival Read My World forges connections between worlds that on the surface appear to be far apart. This year’s edition focuses on writers from Ukraine and Poland. The program looks very promising. We will be present there too to tell about the Iron Curtain Project. Hope you will join us on thursday or friday!

Read My World – edition Ukraine and Poland – will take place from 6 to 8 October 2016 in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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ActionReaction Pop-up Museum is coming up!

We have some good news to announce: at the moment we are working on a pop-up museum about activism in Europe. What were we fighting for and why are we against so many things (progress?) nowadays? We will open for the first time in Budapest on October 23th exactly 60 years after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. We will then travel to Romania and Estland and finally to The Netherlands in 2017. Keep you posted and hope to see somewhere around!

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The Hang Men – theaterplay by Dodo Gombar

Sometimes fiction can help to reveal the truth. With ToldUntold we collect stories about the communist past that people still find difficult to talk about. By changing their stories into animation or theatre, we can turn the personal into universal stories.

The acclaimed Slowak theatre director and playwright Dodo Gombar wrote especially for our project the monologue The Hangman. It will be performer sunday 13h of March at Jeden Svet by actor Jacob Erftemeijer (from the Svandovo Theatre Company). Dodo has staged over  60 plays including Faust, Three Sisters and Between Heaven and Her. Since 2010 he has been the artistic director of the Svandovo Theatre Company in Prague.

The Hang Men is a light and funny piece, based on a story that was sent to us. It’s about a man who entered the army after finishing his studies to become a veterinarian. But in the army they saw him as a doctor, so he had to work as one. In the army he also played in a band called The Hang Men. The band members convinced their superior that “Hang Men” means “Proletarians” while in reality it reflected their sense of powerlessness.

From The Hang Men:
“In november ’89 I cried, I do not remember anything so strongly, only the fact I was crying. My daughters did not get it, but did not ask either. Although they were small at that time, they were sensitive. That was what that unfree world did with us, it taught us to be more besotted on the one hand, more sensitive on the other.”

More info about the event, click here.

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“Animations make it easier to talk about difficult topics.”

Three animators depict three true and personal stories from the communist past of the Czech Republic, stories told by people who suffered under communism and sometimes were compelled to cooperate with the communist regime. The Czechs shared their stories anonymously, animations bring these stories to life at the One World festival in Prague. Animators Marieke Hollander, Anne van Wieren and Ineke Goes talk about their style and the project.

´Tell us what you’ve always kept a secret.´ That´s the remarkable question Bureau Boven asked the Czechs, during the ToldUntold project. Three of these stories are depicted in the form of animations. Hollander, Van Wieren and Goes were immediately enthusiastic when they were asked to participate in the project. Each with their own reason. Van Wieren, for example, was eager to tell “a true and real story” with his animations. Goes has often visited Eastern Europe. By participating she is trying to get a better understanding of the Eastern European history. Hollander was already interested in the rich animation history of Eastern Europe. When she attended a presentation on ToldUntold she knew immediately: “This I don’t want to miss.”

screenshot Anne van Wieren

Goes portrays the story of the best propagandist of the regime, who did not believe in communism. Hollander tells the story of Mrs. B, who was spied on, and to this day doesn’t dare to say the name aloud of the woman who did this. Van Wieren depicts the story of a reference writer, who with his judgment, could make or break his colleagues.

The three participants of the project insisted on remaining anonymous. “Animation is a great way to visualize stories that are hard to tell. A picture is worth more than a 1000 words,” says Hollander. Van Wieren adds: “It’s a good way to get things out in the open. Animations make it easier to talk about difficult topics. An animation takes out the sting, it removes the sharp edges of a story.” According to Goes creating an animation about a true and intense story also brings about a responsibility. “I hope I’m doing the real story just, that I don´t offend anybody. My animation is based on a true story, but it’s not the story itself.”

“I do not limit myself to a particular style. The feeling that I want to convey, is most important,” says Goes about her approach to animating. “I try to convey my message with a little humor. With humor the essence of a story comes across better, I think, even when it concerns a heavy topic” Van Wieren´s style can be best described as raw and a little bit dark, he likes to give his animations a robust appearance: “For ToldUntold I worked digital. Then I filmed my animation twice with my phone. By doing this, the movie gets the stern look that I love.” For Hollander the theme of a story determines the design and the technology she uses: “As long as the beauty of movement is reflected in my animation, the style doesn’t matter so much.”

screenshot Marieke Hollander

On Sunday, the 13th of March at 18:00, the animations will be presented at the One World festival in Prague, the largest human rights film festival in the world. In addition to the animations three stories are told: a monologue and two audio documentaries.
The location is the public center in the Gallery Lucerna, Vodičkova 36 Prague.
Admission is free.

Picture 1: Ineke Goes
Picture 2: Anne van Wieren
Picture 3: Marieke Hollander

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Foto: tentoonstelling 'Prague through the lens of the secret police.'

Unveiling Told Untold

It’s almost time! Our Told Untold project nears its unveiling. On Sunday, the 13th of March, we present stories about the communist past of the Czech Republic at the One World festival in Prague. Stories that haven’t been told so far, because of fear or shame. Stories about every day Communism. Stories that matter.

A story, for example, about the man who didn’t believe in communism, but still became the best propagandist of the regime. Or about Mrs. B, who still can’t say the name of the woman who spied on her aloud.

At the festival we tell six stories:

  • Dodo Gombár, creative director of the Svandovo theater, wrote a monologue that will be performed by actor Jacob Erftemeijer.
  • We present three short animated films by the Dutch animators, Marieke Hollander, Anne van Wieren and Ineke Goes.
  • Journalist of the Czech radio station Rozhlas, Britt Jensen, presents two short audio documentaries.

When? Sunday the 13th of March at 18 ‘o clock. During the One World festival. The biggest human rights film festival in the world.
Where? Audience Centre in the Lucerna Gallery, Vodičkova 36, Prague.
Entrance is free.

For those who stay at home, we publish the animations and audio documentaries on our website. So keep it in your sights!

The photo originally comes from the exhibition ‘Prague through the lens of the secret police.’

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Animation films @ ToldUntold

Our team of animators is complete! We are very happy and proud Marieke Hollander (a.o. VPRO/ NTR), Anne van Wieren (a.o. NRC/ Into the Great Wide Open) en Ineke Goes (a.o. Maxim productions/ Sesame street) will create short animation films for our project ToldUntold in Czech Republic.

De animation films will be based on the stories we collect the coming weeks in cooperation with the Czech national radio. Stories people never dared to tell before, about their experiences in the communist era. Out of these audio stories, our animators chose their favorite and create three animation films.

The premiere is on 13 March at One World in Prague, the biggest human rights film festival in the world. Next to the animation films, the programme will contain a theater monologue, two audio stories and interviews with the makers.

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Yes, we have a new website!

Every project you undertake, has to start somewhere. Ours started with just one story and it was about soccer. More than a year later there are so many stories and adventures to share that our humble old site wasn’t enough anymore. So, we are very proud to present you this new website with a better menu structure. It’s made and designed by Tijl Akkermans and Maarten Hunink. In this brand new news section we are going to keep you up-to-date with everything we do. If you want to make sure that you never miss anything, just subscribe to our newsletter below. See you soon!

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