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"The first words I learned: 'thats not the way we do that here.'"


Dumitru Tudor fled Romania with his family after the fall of Ceaușescu. His daughter Ioana was only nine years old. His story became hers, unintentionally.

11 minutes By Emmie Kollau

In the period after the fall and bloody execution of Romanian dictator Ceaușescu on Christmas day in 1989, hundreds of thousands Romanians fled to Western Europe. Actress and performer Ioana Tudor (35) was one of them. As a nine year old she thought fleeing was exciting at first. That changed radically, when she had to keep moving from one place to another. She found consolation in swinging in playgrounds. Twentyfive years later the past is still very close by. This is the story of Ioana Tudor and her father.

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