Your visions for a different society

What if…?!

In 1968 a wave of protests and creativity swept the world. 'What happens if we do everything differently?’ an entire generation seemed to wonder. People from Paris to Chicago, Prague to Mexico City, and Amsterdam to Cape Town knocked on the doors of the authorities. In our WHAT IF!? Pop-up Museum we recall that exceptional spirit of ’68 and ask visitors their ideas for change. What if…?

Looking beyond the status-quo requires imagination and a vision of how things could be different. 'What if …' questions seem so simple, but they can set enormous change in motion. What is your vision for the future? In the interactive photo booth of the WHAT IF!? Pop-up Museum visitors from all over Europe leave their thoughts for the future  They are now part of the collection. Every plan, dream or practical solution is valuable and, who knows, they might actually end up changing the world.

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