‘The most important thing of 1968 was the process of change itself.’ WHAT IF?! Pop-up Museum pops up in Amsterdam


1st June 2018, 16h00, de Balie, Amsterdam

Alain Geismar, one of the leading activist of the May ’68 revolts in Paris, is convinced that society is never finished. ‘We have to keep moving’ he tells in our WHAT IF!? Pop-up Museum. The museum on the revolutionary year of 1968 will open up, for the first time in the Netherlands as part of the Forum on European Culture in Amsterdam. Geismar will be one of the lead guests during a special programme on the legacy of that pivotal year 1968.
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WHAT IF!? Pop-up Museum The spirit of 1968 - today

Pop Up Museum

1968 was an iconic year when people all over the world revolted against authorities. In an exceptional spirit of creativity, imagination and determination they banged on the doors of those in power and asked for change. Fifty years later the values people fought for then are under pressure. In a brand new pop-up museum the Iron Curtain Project connects the past to the present.

> 8 March - 7 April - Nowy Teatr - Warsaw, Poland
> 31 May – June 3 2018 - Forum on European Culture - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> June – September 2018 - Prague, Czech Republic
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The Big 8 March Media Debate Poland And opening of the WHAT IF!? Pop-up Museum at NOWY TEATR Warsaw

8th March, 19h00

Fifty years after the student protest against censorship a special pop-up museum on the spirit of 1968 in Europe is opened in NOWY TEATR. On the occasion of the opening there will be the Big 8 March Media Debate.
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I’m So Angry
(I Made a Sign)
Pop Up Museum about revolutions and protest

Pop Up Museum

Exactly sixty years after the Hungarian Uprising in October 1956, the Iron Curtain Project starts with a traveling pop-up museum about Protest in Europe. It raises the question: what do we Europeans want to fight for?

The museum pops up on:
> 5 March - Raad voor het Openbaar Bestuur, presentation essay book on the discontent citizen - De Balie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
> 23-31 March - Moves that Matter Film Festival - The Hague, The Netherlands.
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Pop-up Museum: Exit / Entry


Juni 2015

What do you take with you when you have to leave your country forever? Between the threes of the Erasmus Park in Amsterdam our museum Exit Entry popped-up in june and july 2015.
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‘One question. The interview session’


December 11th 2015

What do you really know about your parents’ past? Could you ask them about it? In October we conducted an interview workshop in Budapest for Hungarian students. We asked them to interview their own parents about the the communist times, to ask them that one question they never dared to ask them before. And, very important, register it on video. Not an easy assignment, but they came up with some spectacular stuff.

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